Circular design process

How do we deal with our limited resources?

The circular design process

Resources on raw materials are getting low and must be handled carefully. Our designs, materials and production sites have been specially selected to provide an optimal mix. This can even vary by project.

The circular design process appeals to us in particular way. A second life for our street furniture is good possibility. As a starting point, we design our products with a technical life of 15-20 years. After this period, they can be refurbished and reinstated with local partners at minimal effort.

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CO2 Footprint

In addition to the circular approach, we take the CO2 footprint into account. Our design software shows directly what the impact of each design choice is. Choices can then be made to reduce CO2 emissions.

Responsibly managed forests

The origin of our wood is, of course, also an important aspect of our products. As a company, we are legally obligated to provide wood from responsibly managed forest. The tropical hardwood we apply is purchased through FSC certified channels. The woods of deciduous trees, such as oaks, is from responsibly managed forest in Europe.

For hardwood there are several types of certifications.

The landscape design

This is perhaps one of the most underestimated aspects of sustainability. A waste bin that is installed in a place where it is almost used, can be questioned. In each case, resources will be used to empty him or to judge whether he is empty.