Inclusive Urban Spaces

How do we keep our public space inclusive?


Product requirements

When designing products, we need to take accessibility into account. Finally, we do not want to exclude anyone in public space.

It is sometimes a small productfeature that determines. For example, the table leg of the Mart has been placed further inward so that a wheelchair can be placed on the front side.



Mart met rolstoel


Planning requirements


It is the same for the layout of a room. For a combination of seating elements, the layout determines accessibility. A space for a wheelchair is easily created.


Rolstoel gecombineerd met banken

Personal space

Within our range you will find many seating elements that are longer than 250cm. On these elements, different individuals can sit without disturbing each other's personal space. Social contact is then facilitated. This gives a better experience of public space.



Lange picknick tafel


Considering how to make your project inclusive? Please get in contact.